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Vesta DIY Alarm Kit (Home Automation Functionality)

$1,143.45 inc GST

Vesta DIY Alarm Kit (With Home Automation Functionality)

  • 1x Control Panel
  • 1x Keypad
  • 2x Remote Control
  • 1x Panic Button
  • 2x PIR Camera Detector
  • 1x PIR Detector
  • 1x External Siren

Vesta DIY Alarm Kit

This state of the art alarm kit is an extremely easy to use DIY alarm kit. Straight from the box, you will be able to set this system up yourself allowing you to monitor & manage your home remotely. Utulising your home internet and smart device, you will have access 24/7 to your homes security.

Real-time visual event-verification

The quality motion sensors with built-in cameras allow you to determine whether an alarm activation is a false, or whether it is indeed an intruder. Unlike tradional alarm systems which sound an alarm (siren) the Vesta System sounds the alarm as well as sending through a series of snapshots from the built-in camera.

These snap shots are sent instantaneously from the alarm system to your mobile phone. Essentially making your mobile phone a control centre, right from the palm of your hand.

Control your system!

The mobile phone app allows you to remotely arm & disarm your system, take snapshots, check the status of your detectors as well as viewing your alarm history. Take advantage of alarm self monitoring with the Vesta DIY Alarm system.? Ever needed to see what is happening at home? Check up on your kids or animals with the easy to use Vesta mobile app.

Home Automation

The Vesta Alarm Panel has the added advantage of integrating your home to home automation. By utulising ZigBee technology. You will be able to control lights, aircons, doors and more remotely through the Vesta Panel. Chat to our team today, we are more than happy to help.





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