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Sentrol Acoustic Glassbreak Hand-Held Tester

$247.00 inc GST

Sentrol Acoustic Glassbreak Hand-Held Tester



The ShatterPro™II is an advanced version of theShatterPro™ acoustic glass break sensor. By processing over 30 frequency points across the glass break frequency spectrum, the ShatterPro™ II can eliminate most common false alarm sounds, while providing excellent glass break detection.


  • Perimeter loops for occupied or unoccupied buildings.
  • Most rooms including those with blinds and unlined drapes.
  • Recommended glass size of 1' x 2' (0.3 m x 0.6 m) or larger
  • Minimum glass size 1' x 1' (0.3 m x 0.3 m).
  • Glass thicknesses as follows:
    • Plate Glass:3/32" to 1/4" (2.4 mm to 6.4 mm)Tempered Glass:1/8" to 1/4" (3.2 mm to 6.4 mm)Wired Glass:1/4" (6.4 mm)Laminated Glass:1/8" to 1/4" (3.2 mm to 6.4 mm)FOR BEST DETECTION, AVOID INSTALLING IN:• Rooms with lined, insulating, or sound deadening drapes.• Rooms with closed wooden window shutters inside.• Ceilings higher than 15' (4.5 m), if ceiling mounted.


The coverage range is for worst-case breaks in worst-case applications.

  • For ceiling mounted sensor: 25' (7.5 m) radius of cover-age from sensor to the bottom of the glass; 20' (6 m) fromsensor to wall.
  • For wall mounted sensor: 25' (7.5 m) of coverage tofarthest glass if mounted on opposite wall; 20' (6 m)coverage if mounted on adjoining wall.• If not using hand-held tester to verify range, reduce rangeto 15' (4.5 m) for windows with blinds and unlined drapes.
  • Reduce coverage 50% for armor-coated glass.• 360° coverage pattern• No sensitivity adjustment.


  • Avoid 24-hour loop applications (perimeter loop OK).
  • Don’t use where white noise such as air compressornoise is present. (May cause false alarms by saturatingthe glass break frequency spectrum.)
  • Avoid rooms smaller than 10' x 10' (3 m x 3 m) and roomswith multiple sounds such as small kitchens, glassbooths, noisy areas, garages, small bathrooms, etc.
  • Sensor should also not be used in rooms where noisecauses the sensor’s LED to frequently flash, if the samenoises will be present when the sensor is armed.


For best false alarm immunity the sensor should be located at least 4' (1.0 m) away from noise sources (televisions,speakers, sinks, doors, etc.). The sensor must always be indirect line of sight of all of the windows to be protected. Itcannot consistently detect glass breaking around corners,in other rooms, etc. Mount the sensor at least 1' (0.3 m)away from the glass.

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