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Risco Agility 4 Alarm kit with
PET Detectors

$1,391.50 inc GST

Risco Agility 4 – 3G Alarm kit with Non Camera PET PIRS

  • 1 X (3G) Agility main panel (RW132V4D1C0E)
  • 1 x 2-way Agility LCD keypad (RW132KPPW30I)
  • 2 x PIR PET detector (ROK5390)
  • 2 x 4 button keyfob
  • GSM/GPRS (3G) module (ROK5630)


Risco Agility 4 Alarm Kit

The Risco Agility Alarm kit with the 3G module is the ideal alarm system for a medium to large office or home. The Agility panel allows up to 32 wireless zones, 4 wired zones with the option of adding additional expanders.

Important Information:

  • The kit does not come with any cabling, should you require cabled detectors or peripherals, please ensure you add the required cabling to your cart before checking out.
  • Wireless zones (1-way or 2-way): 32
  • Wired Zones: 4 (with I/O Expander)
  • Wireless PIR Cameras: 8
  • User codes: 32
  • Partitions: 3
  • Remote Controls (1- way or 2-way): 8 (4 button or 8 buttons)
  • Keypads (2-way): 3 - LCD or Slim with full installer programming and proximity and adaptive menu tree displays

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We help you provide full protection for your home and family with a single comprehensive security system. As you go about your day, our smartphone app enables you to control your alarm and receive instant notifications. In the case of an alarm event, you or your security provider will receive video clips and still images of your home. Giving you the option to assess a potential threat and take the necessary actions. You can also initiate live video with the touch of a button to check in on your home and family anytime.



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