Risco Agility 4 (3G) Kit with PET Camera PIRS — Rock Security
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Risco Agility 4 (3G) Kit with

$1,512.50 inc GST

Risco Agility 4 (3G) Kit with PET Camera PIRS

? 1 X (3G) Agility main panel
? 1 x 2-way Agility LCD keypad (ROK5305)
? 2 x PIR PET camera (ROK5370)
? 2 x 4 button keyfob
? 1 x GSM/GPRS (3G) module (ROK5630)

Risco Agility 4

Rock Security? is proud to present Risco Agility 4, a wireless multi layered smart security system, modular and adaptable. With a sleek and new design, Risco Agility 4 is equipped with state-of-the-art outdoors and indoors, wireless visual verification that delivers interactive, automated protection in every way.

Identifying that every home is different and unique is at the core of Risco Agility 4. Enabling installers to offer their customers a solution that is ideal to each and every customer. Providing several layers of security allows installers to offer homeowners the perfect solution that matches their needs, their specific home structure and infrastructure, as well as their financial capabilities.

Multi-Dimensional Security

The Risco Agility 4 provides complete protection against intrusion and safety hazards, indoors and outdoors at every level, addressing every area of the home environments with its unique elements and attributes;

  • INDOORS: Monitor and control incidents inside the house, whether a break-in or a safety
    hazard, The Risco Agility 4 protects what matters the most.
  • PERIMETER: Acting to discourage and prevent an intruder from reaching inside. The Agility 4 surrounds the house with a tight security layer that keeps the intruder outside.
  • OUTDOORS: The Risco Agility 4 delivers ongoing deterrence, providing early warnings of possible
    events and threats approaching the household area.

Integration & Synergy

VUpoint, Live Video Verification

Live Video Alarm Verification, with easy installation, P2P technology and unparalleled level of security & privacy. VUpoint sends immediate notification (snapshots and 30 sec video clip) of triggered events right to your mobile device. Keeping you always in control, in real time.


RISCO Cloud V5 is a robust revolutionary service and management platform for installation companies, transforming an entire company into a cutting-edge, highly efficient, most productive business operation. Increasing profits, and driving business growth.

Smart Home

Combining Smart home capabilities, with security and safety solutions allowing for automated pre-self-configured scenarios that enhances your home security ? such as turning the lights on to dissuade and discourage potential burglars or turning off home appliances to prevent fire hazard.


A single intuitive app enables full control of security, safety, and Smart Home features, sending push notifications and images immediately to the smartphone. Allowing homeowners to decide the best course of action within seconds. Initiating live video, controlling smart home devices, and managing all system detectors - all with a single click, on one interface.


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