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Paradox Wireless Photoelectric Smoke Detector

$162.00 inc GST

Paradox Wireless Photoelectric Smoke Detector

  • High sensitivity, photoelectric smoke sensor
  • Test / hush button
  • Removable chamber for easy cleaning
  • 85db built in sounder
  • 3V lithium battery CR123A

Paradox Wireless Photoelectric Smoke Detector

This Paradox SD360 photoelectric smoke detector has been designed to sense smoke that enters the photoelectric chamber providing early warning of developing fires and generating an alarm which activates the built-in alarm siren. Simultaneously, a wireless alarm condition is transmitted to the Paradox alarm panel or standalone wireless receiver, so that the alarm condition can be reported to a monitoring centre or other alarm notification systems. Fully CE compliant, this detector is suitable for installations in Australia as a secondary smoke detection device for reporting alarms off site.

Paradox Wireless Smoke Detector Installation Guide;

PDX-SD360 Installation Guide

Location to Install Your Smoke Detectors

For complete coverage in residential units smoke detectors should be installed in all rooms and storage areas, in each living area. Minimum coverage is one detector on each floor and one in each sleeping area.

Locations NOT to Install Your Smoke Detectors

Nuisance alarms take place when smoke detectors are installed where they will not work properly. To avoid nuisance alarms, do not install smoke detectors in the following situations:
  • Combustion particles are the by-products of something that is burning. In or near areas where heat is present you do not install the smoke detector to avoid nuisance alarms. Such as kitchens with few windows or poor ventilation, garages where there may be vehicle exhaust, near furnaces, hot water heaters, and space heaters
  • Do not install smoke detectors less than 6 meters away from places where combustion particles are normally present, like kitchens. If a 20-foot distance is not possible try to install the detector as far away from heat as possible. To prevent nuisance alarms, provide good ventilation in such places.

Installing Your Smoke Detector

The SD360 smoke detector is made to be mounted on the ceiling or on the wall if necessary. Since this smoke detector is a single-station type, it cannot be linked to other detectors.

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