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Paradox Wireless Expansion Module "RX & TX"

$145.20 inc GST

Paradox Wireless Expansion Module “RX & TX”

  • Compatible with Spectra SP Series, Digiplex and Digiplex EVO
  • 32 wireless zones (Spectra SP and EVO only)
  • Wireless PGMs (8 w/EVO, 16 w/SP)
  • Functions with all MAGELLAN transmitters including 2WPGM
  • Supports two RPT1 and eight K37 / K32IRF (Spectra SP only)
  • Low battery, tamper and check-in supervision
  • Transmitter signal strength display
  • 3 PGM outputs and 1 optional output
  • Noise level test and indicator


Paradox Wireless Expansion Module "RX & TX"

The Paradox RF Expander Module provides connectivity for Spectra and EVO alarm systems to the Paradox Magellan range of wireless devices. The Expander Module allows seamless functionality for wireless zone inputs and remote control fobs (see our Paradox section for more details). Selected remote control fobs provide bi-directional audible and visual feedback when arming or disarming the system and when controlling auxiliary devices. In addition to this some remotes feature an information button which can be used to indicate the current status of the security area. All fobs feature buttons which can be programmed to provide different actions, and wireless PIN verification is also provided on selected fobs. Each module will provide 32 wireless detection zones, low battery supervision & reporting is provided for all zones. Wireless detectors reduce installation time and cost, whilst key fobs provide secure arming and disarming of the system as well as remote operation of outputs such as lighting and doors, etc.


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