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Paradox TM50 5" Touchscreen Keypad

$250.80 inc GST

Paradox TM50 5″ Touchscreen Keypad

  • Thin, sleek design – 5.0 in. / 12.7 cm vivid color display (480 x 272 pixels)
  • Intuitive, icon-based menus – no manual needed
  • Control up to 8 PGM outputs
  • In-field firmware upgradable via micro SD card
  • Powerful advanced processor
  • 1 zone/temperature input to connect a detection device or a TEMP07 (External Temperature Sensor)
  • Customized translation via web application
  • Surface-mount installation only; dimensions 14.4 x 9.6 x 1.4 cm (5.7 x 3.8 x 0.6 in.)
  • Available in classic Piano Black and Pristine White, as well as other exciting designer colors

Paradox TM50 5" Touchscreen Keypad

The Paradox TM50 Touchscreen Keypad integrates security and home control capabilities to help you manage and control the complexities of modern living. All from a 5" touch screen. One touch gives you a whole range of features and information on your entire security system; from which alarm was triggered in which room, to the real-time status of every area and zone in your installation, to any possible activity in your system. A touch of a fingertip also allows you to control your exterior lights, garage door, appliances, and more.

Finally, security meets control with TM50 Touch. Homeowners can experience peace of mind knowing that their families and homes are safe. Business owners can feel confident that with TM50 Touch's ability to integrate diverse systems; it takes just one central control unit to deliver both security and property control benefits.

Security meets practicality

The Paradox TM50 resolution is 472 x 272 pixels. Both come with an external SD media card (4GB) with 2GB free space for uploading jpegs for screen savers.

Intuitive Interface:

Security is as easy as 123No need for a manual now! Whether arming or disarming your system, bypassing a zone, or opening the garage door, the TM50 Touch?s icon-driven menus guide you every step of the way. The user-centric TM50 Touch allows you to control your Paradox system?s functions through its intuitive touchscreen interface. Furthermore, it makes installing and using your security system easier than ever with these following useful features;

  1. Icon-based menus bright color displayexternal SD media card slot w/cover customizable labels
  2. Ultra-fast response time when scrolling through pagesclear and precise menu promptsone zone/temperature input
  3. Customizable translationlifestyle function supporthome control integration

Spot On Locator

Eliminate the need to match LED display lights with doors, windows, and other access areas. This feature allows you to upload up to 32 photos, images or schematics of a home or business. More than just customizing the system in a way that they never did before, the images displayed on the touchscreen provide graphic verification of any motion detector that has been trig-gered or activated by an intruder or of other events like fire or supervision loss. The SpotOn Locator feature is integrated in the original firmware. When purchased, you can unlock it with an authorization code.

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