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Paradox MG5050 Wireless Alarm Kit with 2 Detectors

$640.00 inc GST

Paradox MG5050 Wireless Kit Includes;

  • 1 x Paradox Hybrid 10 Zone (ATZ) Panel, PCB Only
  • 1 x Base Kit with 16VAC Plug Pack, Battery, Tamper, Metal Box used for Paradox Kits
  • 2 x Wireless Analogue Single-Optic Motion Detector with 18kg/40lb Pet Immunity
  • 1 x Paradox Wireless Outdoor Siren with Built-in Blue Strobe Light
  • 1 x 32-Zone Wireless Fixed LCD Keypad (AKA K32IRF)
  • 1 x Paradox MG and SP User Manual

Buy The Paradox MG5050 Wireless Alarm Kit Online

The Paradox wireless MG5050 is the ideal kit for a home or small business. It comes with 2 wireless Pet Immunity PIR detectors which allows an immunity for pets up to 18kg's. Out the box it allows 10 wired zones, whether you are wanting to use Paradox detectors or other brands, as well as expandable up to 32 wireless zones (wireless equipment will need to be the Paradox brand - Visit this page to see what wireless gear will work with the MG5050 wireless kit - Shop Online

Magellan MG5050 Alarm Panel

The Magellan line of two way wireless security systems offer you a combination of security, wireless convenience, easy installation and attractive consumer features for any residential or small commercial installation. With their in-field firmware upgrade capability, the Magellan line allows installers to upgrade their system without hassle quickly, easily and on site. And to further facilitate installation, every Magellan panel can be configured using easy to- follow menu-driven programming.

  • Supports StayD mode
  • Built-in 2-Way wireless transceiver
  • Expandable to 32 zones with 2 Partitions
  • 10 on-board hardwired zones (5 doubled to 10)
  • 32 users including 32 remote controls
  • Up to 16 PGMs (4 on-board)
  • Supports 4 Wireless siren and up to 8 wireless keypads
  • Supports 2 wireless repeaters

Wireless Analogue Single-Optic Motion Detector Information

  • Dual element sensor
  • Immune to animals weighing up to 18Kg
  • 11m x 11m and up to 15m for centre beams with 88.5° viewing angle
  • Automatic Temperature Compensation
  • Typical wireless range with the MG6250: 35m
  • Typical wireless range with MG5050 and RTX3: 70m
  • Alive software (alarm LED continues to display when PIR is in energy save mode without compromising battery life)
  • 3-minute energy save mode after two detections within a five-minute period

Installing the Paradox Insite Gold Mobile App - Step by Step Guide

To assist with the setting up of your Paradox Alarm System and the Paradox Insite Gold Mobile app, follow our Step by Step Guide for the Mobile App.


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