Paradox MG5050 Kit - 2 x DG75, Mini Siren/Strobe (No Keypad) — Rock Security
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Paradox MG5050 Kit - 2 x DG75, Mini Siren/Strobe (No Keypad)

$319.00 inc GST

Paradox MG5050 Alarm Kit Components

  • 1 x Top hat screamer, 12V DC
  • 2 x Paradox Digigard High-Security Digital Motion Detector with Pet Immunity
  • 1 x Paradox Base Kit, Metal Enclosure, Battery, Plug Pack, Tamper & Telephone Lead
  • 1 x X2 Combo Siren & Strobe with Status LED and PDX-RX1 Holder
  • 1 x Paradox Hybrid 10 Zone (ATZ) Panel, PCB Only
  • 1 x Paradox MG and SP User Manual

Paradox MG5050 Kit - 2 x DG75, Mini Siren/Strobe (No Keypad)

One of the most cost effective quality alarm panels in the industry, the Paradox MG5050 is a great option for your home or business.

Go with simpler and safer living. The revolutionary StayD feature represents a completely reversed philosophy that resolves all issues with any security system made today. A StayD system is always armed and only partly disarmed when entering or exiting a site, which is the opposite of a common security system that?s always disarmed and needs to be armed to provide protection.

App-based System Control

The iParadox app enables you to remotely access your Paradoxsecurity system. iParadox provides lots of functionality andinformationat one?s fingertip. The multi-lingual app has anintuitive user-interface which enables you to easily connect toyour security system and edit its settings. With arm/disarmcontrol, PGM control, and live system status, iParadoxturns any iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or Android ?phone into a remote keypad. Now you cancontrol your Paradox security system fromyour favorite device

Multipath Communication

Monitor your system?s status, receive notification of system events, control your system (arm/disarm, open a garage door, etc.) and report system events to the monitoring station using one or more of the following communication methods. ? Internet and e-mail? GPRS, GSM, and SMS text messages? Voice? Landline Telephone (not available with SP65)

Remote and Wireless Convenience

With one-touch, remote control convenience, using your security system has never been simpler.Disarm your system with one button, arm it with another, or send a panic signal to your monitoring station.

Three Arming Levels

Spectra SP protects your home, but more importantly, Spectra SP protects you.Get three different levels of security:? Arm: Leave your home and maximize your security.? Sleep: Protect your main floor while you sleep in full security upstairs.? Stay: Protect your perimeter while at home with the children.

Installing the Paradox Insite Gold Mobile App - Step by Step Guide

To assist with the setting up of your Paradox Alarm System and the Paradox Insite Gold Mobile app, follow our Step by Step Guide for the Mobile App.


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