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Paradox DG75 High-Security Motion Detector with Pet Immunity

$44.00 inc GST

Paradox DG75 High-Security Motion Detector with Pet Immunity

  • Extremely reliable and false-alarm free
  • Dual optics (2 dual opposed element sensors)
  • Provides superior pet immunity using a patented combination of advanced optics and digital processing technologies
  • Immune to pets weighing up to 40Kg
  • Digital Dual Opposed Detection
  • 11m x 11m, 90° viewing angle

Paradox DG75 High-Security Motion Detector with Pet Immunity

Enjoy high-end performance and true pet immunity with the Digigard DG75. Its precision digital analysis, two separate infrared sensors and unique pet-friendly lens detect intruders with absolute accuracy while ignoring pets up to 40kg (90lbs). Its outstanding detection and false-alarm immunity give you unmatched reliability and stability.


The Digigard DG75 is an indoor digital dual-optic high-performance PIR motion detector. Featuring True Pet Immunity, the DG75 allows one pet (up to 40kg/90lb) to move freely through the protected area without generating an alarm.


The DG75 can be installed as either a flat-mount or corner-mount detector. At the recommended installation height of 2.1m (7ft) to 2.7m (9ft) ?10%, the DG75 provides full coverage for distances of 1.5m (5ft) to 11m (35ft) (see Figure 2 on reverse). Ensure that the PCB height setting matches the actual installation height (see Figure 4 and Figure 5 on reverse).

Detector Settings

Detector settings can be modified using the three jumpers located on the DG75 PCB (see Figure 4 on reverse).Single or Dual Edge Processing (DUAL)This setting determines the DSP (Digital Signal Processing) operational mode of the detector. Single Edge Processing mode should be used in normal environments with minimal sources of interference. Dual Edge Processing Mode provides better false alarm rejection in the case where the detector is placed near sources of interference that can adversely affect the motion detector.



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