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Lockwood ES8000-1 V Lock - Assa Abloy

$520.00 inc GST

Lockwood ES8000-1 V Lock

The ES8000, also known as the V-Lock, is a high torque motorised bolt that moves from a vertical position (when unlocked) to a horizontal position (when locked). The lock moves into the V-shaped strike plate, pulling the door into alignment with the lock. The high torque motorised bolt can be concealed from view or surface mounted, and has the worlds first fail-open motor locking mechanism which eliminates the need and cost of an additional override function.

Lockwood ES8000-1 V Lock

  • PD-108001-010
  • Max 1000Kg Holding Force (with SCEC supported strike plate)
  • Side load / Pre-load capable lock will unlock with up to 15Kg of side pressure, when wired in 3 wire mode
  • Door misalignment of up to 3.5mm in either direction
  • Power to lock (Fail safe) / Power to open (fail secure) field configurable
  • Surface mount accessory kit: ideal for 180° swing-through glass door applications
  • Multiple orientation - for interior doors, ES8000 can be mounted vertically or horizontally (for external doors ES8000 must be mounted horizontally)
  • 12V - 24V DC
  • Min 1 Amp Regulated Supply Required (800mA inrush)
  • SCEC endorsed (intruder resistant bracket required)

Lockwood ES8000-1 V Lock - Installation Guide

PD-108001-xx0 Installation Guide

Technical Capabilities

The ES8000-S now incorporates a new motor and 1:19 ratio gearbox providing up to 65% additional preload capability and a higher locking force up to 10Kg. The electronic circuitry has also been completely upgraded to intelligently detect the locked state with ?smart? retry function & uses on average 25% less peak current draw.

Aside from some minor cosmetic changes, the lock body and overall footprint remains unchanged and is a direct retrofit for the original V-Lock.



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