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Integriti 8 Zone LAN Expander Module PCB & Kit

Integriti 8 Zone LAN Expander Module PCB & Kit

The Integriti 8 Zone LAN Expander Module connects directly to the Integriti ISC Controller’s RS-485 LAN and provides an additional 8 Zone inputs and 2 Auxiliary outputs.

Up to 99 Zone Expander Modules can be connected to the Integriti RS-485 LAN or via IP LAN if connected with CLOE modules (Part 995093).

The 8 Zone LAN Expander Module also offers a UniBus in-cabinet expansion interface allowing further expansion of Zone inputs and Auxiliary outputs using plug on UniBus expansion devices fitted within the same tamper protected enclosure. Up to 32 Zone Inputs or 32 Auxiliary Outputs can be connected to the Module (32 Zones and 26 Auxiliaries or 24 Zones and 32 Auxiliaries at the same time).

The power supply requirement is 11 to 14VDC and a range of Integriti plug on external 2Amp, 3Amp or 8Amp switchmode power supplies are available. Integriti external power supplies are fully monitored via the 8 Zone Expander Module.



  • RS-485 LAN connectivity
  • UniBus In-Cabinet Expansion Interface
  • 8 Zone Inputs - Multistate or Analogue
  • 2 Auxiliary Output Relays
  • External Integriti power supply connection
  • Three options for power supply size 2Amp, 3 Amp & 8 Amp
  • Six enclosure size options
  • Dedicated Tamper Input
  • 4 Terminals supplying 13.75Vdc nominal Detector Power
  • Remote firmware upgrade over-the-wire
  • On board diagnostic LEDs to assist with commissioning and troubleshooting
  • Small PCB size 200 x 95mm

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