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Bosch Solution 3000, Keypad with 3 X Blue Line G2 Detectors with accessory kit

$355.00 inc GST

Bosch Solution 3000 Alarm Kit

  • Bosch Solution 3000 Control Panel
  • 8 Zone LCD Codepad (White)
  • 3 x Blue Line Gen2 Detectors
  • Includes Accessory Kit
  • Metal Enclosure

Bosch Solution 3000, Keypad, 3 Blue Line Gen2 PIR Detector

The Bosch 3000 Kit offers a simple to use alarm system with flexible options that can be tailored to suit your style at your home of office with 16 fully programmable zones this kit is only the beginning of what you can achieve with the alarm system.? The Solution 3000 control panel (ICP-SOL3-P)?support the Bosch Remote Security Control (RSC) app, enabling convenient system operation from an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, including arming / disarming of the system and control of connected devices, such as lighting and A/C.

LCD Icon Keypad

The LCD Icon codepad is simple to use & comes with icons that makes it easy to identify the status of your alarm system at all times.

The Blue Line Gen2 Quad PIR Detector (ISC-BPQ2?W12) uses two individual sensors that operate like two PIRs in one detector. Each sensor processes signals separately. Both must activate to generate an alarm signal. This improves false alarm immunity relative to a standard PIR, because false alarm sources such as noise spikes and small animals are ignored. Quad detectors also provide superior catch performance versus a standard PIR or dual-technology detector. They are particularly well suited for challenging installation situations; for example, cases where cross catch of intruders cannot be guaranteed or where intruders are able to cross the detection pattern very quickly.

The bosch accessory kit includes a siren, stobe, screamer and 12v7ah battery and the metal enclosure (MW350) for the alarm panel.


, allowing for ease of installation.


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