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6 x 7/0.20 Shielded Cable - 300m

$143.00 inc GST

6 x 7/0.20 Shielded/Screened Cable – 300m

Multicore shielded cable for security applications such as the installation of readers. The cable contains 6 conductor types with 7/0.20mm stranding and is supplied in 100m or 300m lengths.

  • Description - Stranded 24AWG (7/0.2mm) TACW, 6Cores, PVC Insulation, Aluminium Polyester Tape Overall Screen,24AWG(7/0.2mm) TACW Drain Wire, PVC Sheath.
  • Applicable Standards - AS/CAS-008, UL758, EIA-RS232, AS 1049
  • Suitable Applications - For use in the communications, industrial and security sectors, This product can be used to interconnect DTE equipment such as Printers, fax’s, modems, and consoles. In the industrial environment, this product can be used to connect instruments and sensors to data loggers, PLC’s and other control equipment. In the security market, this product can be used to connect motion sensors, entry sensors, card readers and doorstrikes to monitoring units.
  • Not suitable for direct connection to mains equipment

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