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Security Risk Assessment

Security Risk Assessment

On Site Security Risk Assessment

Do you want to ramp up security at your premises, but have no idea where to start? Let our trained and experienced team help guide you in choosing the right products for your unique requirements and affordability. We offer a free security risk assessment where our knowledgeable security specialists will visit your property to assess any existing safety measures, and identify weak spots where the security measures can be improved.

What does a Security Risk Assessment entail?

The security assessments our team perform are comprehensive and take into consideration everything from outdoor elements to specific security product applications to general safety measures.

Home Safety Assessment

  • Perimeter. Are there vulnerable gaps in your boundary security? The fencing or walls surrounding your property is your first line of defence. If it's easily scalable, it makes your home an easy target. We'll also assess other ways entry is gained to the property - if pedestrian gates have sufficient locks, if an anti-gatecrash kit is required on the driveway gate or if a magnetic lock is needed on the garage door.
  • Yard. Should an intruder get over, through or under the fence, you want to detect his presence before he reaches the house. Cover wide, open spaces with outdoor beams. There are various types of beams with different wide degree angles, distance coverage and detection methods. We will advise on the most suitable one, as well as optimal placement of the beam, based on the layout of your yard.
  • CCTV. The uses and benefits of CCTV cameras are many; ask our specialist to name a few and you will wonder why you don't have them already. Depending on your family's unique routine and requirements, we will be able to determine exactly what you need, from indoor or outdoor cameras (or both), day/night vision, footage quality and where to install them to ensure preservation of the camera and no obstructions from view.
  • Interior. Passive infrared detectors have come a long way, not only in aesthetics but also in technology to be most accurate and reduce false alarms. Some passives are pet friendly and won't trigger on a cat or dog's movement. Others work on either motion sensors, temperature fluctuations, or both. Trust Rock Security's 24/7 Grade A1 Alarm Monitoring centre to provide the best back to base alarm monitoring service, truly taking care of your family & home. We will help you determine which will be most effective around the house.
  • General safety. When you work in the industry as long as we have, you've been trained on all possibilities and have seen all the trends. We will fine toothcombe your premises with expert eyes to provide the best suggestions. From spotting any intruders with sufficient lighting, eliminating any garden hiding places by trimming back overgrown shrubs and keeping robbers at bay with burglars bars and security gates. Essentially we aim to make your property as avoidable to a potential criminal as possible.

Business Safety Assessment

  • Perimeter. Larger business sites could be more vulnerable to robberies as distant borders might be out of view. Consider full length electric fencing that can be zoned and connected to the alarm system, triggering the siren and showing exactly which section of the fence was tampered with. Another option is employing guards to conduct foot patrols along the edges of the property during night time.
  • Access control. There are many forms of access control that can be implemented to improve security. A boom gate at the property entrance manned by a security guard can record and monitor who enters. As well as ensure the same number of people leave the property as what arrived. Manage staff access to keep unwanted persons out of the building. With biometric devices such as fingerprint readers or retinal eye scanners, or use a more simplified method such as RFID tags or cards. The same access control devices can be used to restrict access to certain parts of the building for unauthorised personnel.
  • Beams. Outdoor beams aren't only suitable for residential purposes. Powerful, highly reliable beams with more advanced technology such as double conductive shielding, thermo-sensors to detect ambient temperature and light intensity sensors to detect ambient brightness are available specifically for commercial use.
  • CCTV cameras. Surveillance cameras are powerful tools that not only act as a deterrent against would-be criminals. Also for monitoring a business premises to identify any security threats, and for checking in on staff movement and productivity. Whether for a small business or multi-storey building. Our team will help spec the required system to ensure business owners have eyes and ears everywhere.
  • Fire detection. Debilitating damage from a raging fire spreads in minutes and can take years to restore. Ensure you have the relevant fire detector devices installed in the correct places to raise the alarm for help as quickly as possible.
  • General safety. Assessing the quality of current existing business safety measures are vital. As you're not only protecting stock and assets, but the lives of your people. Draft an emergency plan with steps to take in case of an armed robbery or theft; educate staff on safety measures, how to arm the alarm system and where the panic buttons are; ensure parking lots are covered with sufficient lighting for after hours.
A Security risk assessment is comprehensive and allow us to provide clients with the best advice and most effective solutions, that fit within your budget. If you're serious about your security, contact the Rock Security team today for a free site assessment from a trained security specialist.
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