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CCTV Cameras for home

Sneak a peek at kids, parents and pets with CCTV cameras for home

Sneak a peek at kids, parents, and pets with CCTV cameras for home

Don't you sometimes wish you had eyes in the back of your head? With so much time disappearing into building a career, maintaining a household, running errands and managing responsibilities, parents can't be everywhere all the time! And yet, while you're out adulting 10 hours a day, you may have children, pets and, in many situations, elderly parents spending time at home alone. Use CCTV cameras for home use to reduce the anxiety of wondering whether they're safe, what they're getting up to when you're not around or checking that homework is getting done in your absence.

Here are seven of the many benefits of having CCTV cameras installed at your home:

There are countless advantages to having CCTV cameras for home installed around and inside your home, especially when it comes to protecting your loved ones. In which ways will some strategically placed cameras give you peace of mind throughout the day, no matter where you are?

Keeper of the kids

  1. Safety first. If your children are old enough to be left home alone at times, it's only natural to worry about their safety. Whether from real criminal threats, accidents that happen around the house, or simply siblings from each other, access strategically placed cameras from anywhere to ensure they're still injury-free.
  2. They can run but they can't hide. Quickly check in to see that their pocket money is being earned by ticking their chores off the list, or that homework is completed before TV time. You can even place two-way communication cameras in the kitchen or lounge for example, to remind them that you're watching, as well as hear what they say in return.
  3. Doubles as a nanny cam. Parents always fear the worst when leaving infants and toddlers with a nanny or babysitter, as horrifying stories of the unthinkable often circulate on social media. Protect your little ones and put your mind at ease with surveillance cameras in baby rooms and play areas. Log in regularly throughout the day to view real-time footage or record footage upon motion that can be reviewed at a later time.

Handle parents with care

  1. Lend a helping hand. It's heartbreaking to hear of incidents where elderly persons slipped and fell, being so badly injured they couldn't move to call for help. If your parents stay with you, especially if they're sick or frail, and you don't hear from them in a while or you can't reach them, don't panic. Access the CCTV cameras immediately from wherever you are to check in on them.
  2. Send help. Should a medical emergency occur and you have surveillance cameras installed, you have the advantage of visually assessing the situation to be able to send the right help, quickly.

The secret life of pets

  1. Caught red-pawed. Pets know and behave when you've got your eye on them. They hide their bad habits behind innocent puppy-dog eyes and excited tail wags, but the moment you're out the door the cat's out the bag. Prevent gnawed and pawed furniture, torn pillows, chewed-up shoes and house training lapses by scolding pets over two-way communication CCTV cameras.
  2. Fenced in. Sometimes pets go wandering and it takes a wide neighborhood search to find them again. You patch up and patch up, but your fence is starting to look like a prison perimeter to make sure they don't escape, but still, they find ways out. Use cameras as your eyes outside to see if they're still in the property, or to identify the weak spot they keep on slipping through.
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