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Inner Range Inception System – Info & User Guide

Inner Range Inception System – Info & User Guide

Considering Inner Range’s Inception System?

When considering an access control system for your business, commercial property or large site it would be hard not to consider Inner Range’s Inception System. Built and designed around the high-security Inner Range Integriti architecture, the Inception system comes with all the bells and whistles of a Tier One system but the ease of use and functionality of a web based easy-to-deploy system.

Web Powered Convenience

Unlike the more traditional cost-prohibitive Access Control systems, Inception does not require software to be installed on a computer, no need to leave a computer on site and no issues with software/firmware compatibility. Instead, the installation process is as simple as powering up the controller, connecting the network cable (or use the optional WiFi adapter) and using any web browser to navigate to Inception’s web page. Here you will find everything you need to set-up, commission and operate the entire system.

Security Specialists providing advice & expertise on the Inner Range Inception product range

Give Rock Security a call today about the Inception Access Control & Intrusion system. Our trained and qualified Inner Range team will provide with you a solution in all Capital Cities. Alternatively browse our Online Security Store and view the entire Inner Range Inception product line. All of our products are backed by a 3 year guarantee as well as delivery throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Easy To Program & Easy To Commission

Inner Range’s Inception’s web interface features an industry-first interactive Commissioning Checklist that guides the technician through the commissioning process. When followed from start to finish, the configuration process can be completed efficiently in a logical way, minimising the risk of missing important configuration settings. Technicians can commission a system with confidence, knowing that they have covered everything, from core programming, to custom automation, changing default credentials, backing up the database and downloading a commissioning report, without missing a step!

Budget Friendly Security Solution

The Inception Controller is a budget friendly security solution that is both powerful and very flexible. With no need for additional software costs and truly universal inputs & outputs, Inception can often be deployed as a stand-alone controller reducing the need for additional hardware.

For example, Inception’s 8 universal inputs can be used to connect intruder detection devices such as PIR’s and window sensors, or they can be used to connect access control sensors such as door reeds and door lock tongue sense devices.

Inception also features 4 universal outputs which can be configured to control door locks,  switch strobe lights and siren screamers or control other devices for automation purposes.

Inception also features an RS-485 OSDP reader bus, meaning that up to 8 Inner Range SIFER smart card readers can be connected directly to the controller to provide card access for both in and out access for up to 4 doors. All this is possible without the need to add any additional hardware modules to the system, however Inception’s RS-485 LAN expansion port does allow for further expansion where required.



The Inception controller’s web interface can be accessed via a local network or the Internet.

Local Network Connection

If your device is on the same network as the Inception controller, it can be accessed by typing the IP address of the controller into your device’s web browser. The IP address assigned to your device should be located on the “Site Details” page of this manual, filled in by your installation technician.

SkyTunnel Internet Connection

If the network your Inception controller is connected to has internet access, you can connect to the web interface from any internet-connected device. You will require the serial number of your controller, which should be filled in on the “Site Details” page. It is in the format INxxxxxxxx. To connect, navigate to, where SERIALNUMBER
is the serial number of your Inception controller.

Throughout the web interface, a significant amount of help information is included in each web page. At the top of each page, a sentence gives a brief introduction to the page with a “Read More…” link that expands to show detailed information about what the page offers and how to use the page. Similar information can alsobe found on many of the dialogs that appear as you interact with the system

How Large can the Inner Range system be expanded?

The Inception system will ‘Tick the Box’ for all small businesses and most large businesses and sites. With 4 access control doors, 8 inputs and 4 outputs out the box and a complete capacity of;

  • 32 Access Control Doors
  • 512 Inputs
  • 512 Outputs

There is not much that the system cannot do. Add to that, the system architecture also has the ability integrate home automation, Control4 Home Automation, an integration with the Paradox alarm system and Paradox RF expander. With a close integration into the Inovonics wireless system, our team can provide any security need of your site with this great product.


Inner Range Inception – On Board Capalibilty

When used as a stand-alone security system, the Inception controllers on-board capacity allows for a powerful and flexible mix of intruder detection and access control functions.

  • Doors 4*
  • SIFER Readers: 8
  • Wiegand Readers: 8**
  • Areas: 32
  • Inputs: 8
  • Outputs: 4*
  • Users / Cardholders: 2,000
  • Events: 50,000

Inner Range Inception – Expansion Ability

Inception allows for expansion via its on-board RS-485 LAN port. Keypads, access control modules and input/output expanders can be added to increase Inception’s capacity up to:

  • Doors: 128
  • SIFER Readers: 256
  • Wiegand Readers: 128/256***
  • Inputs: 512
  • Ouputs: 512
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