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Rock Security Hikvision iVMS4200

How to Download Video Footage & Recordings with Hikvision iVMS4200

The Step-by-Step guide below is specific for the Hikvision iVMS4200 software. Please feel free to use our guide, and let our friendly team know if you need additional help. For help with downloading video footage from Hikvision NVR’s which entails a completely different set of steps, please follow this link; Downloading Video Footage from Hikvision NVRs.

What is Hikvision iVMS4200?

Hikvision’s iVMS4200 is a versatile video management software for the DVRs, NVRs, IP cameras, encoders decoders, etc in the Hikvision range. It provides multiple functionalities, including real-time live view, video recording, remote search and playback, file backup, etc., for the connected devices to meet the needs of monitoring task. The iVMS-4200 free software is compatible with most Hikvision hardware. It equips users with live video from the camera feed, access control, video intercom, alarms, and data storage. It provides solutions tailored to take small businesses up to the next level. 

Hikvision iVMS4200 – How to Download & Export Footage from iVMS4200

Download and install Hikvision iVMS4200 from Hikvision Global.

Please follow steps below and corresponding screenshots below. If you have any difficulties or questions, please phone our office.

  1. Open the “Remote Playback”window
  2. Right Click on the screen and select “Download”, the below window will appear
  3. There are 3 types of ways to download footage and Recordings from Hikvision iVMS4200;
    1. By Files,
    2. by Date
    3. by Tag.
  1. Select “Download”, when downloading it will show the status of each file to be downloaded,
  2. You will see below that some show “Downloadcompleted”
  3. and others are “Downloading”or “Waiting”.
  4. Success!!! Your files can be located at “C:/ivms4200/video/”

You are set and ready to go

If there are any issues, or you would like some assistance with you Hikvision iVMS4200 please let our office know and we will be glad to help.


Hikvision iVMS4200 – Documentation

Hikvision iVMS-4200 FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Hikvision iVMS-4200 is a versatile video management software for DVRs, NVRs, IP cameras, encoders, decoders, VCA devices, etc. It provides several functionalities, including real-time live view, video recording, remote search and playback, file backup, alarm receiving, etc. for connected devices, andmeets the needs of small and medium-sized projects. With a flexible distributed structure and easy-to-use operations, the iVMS-4200 client software is widely applied to surveillance projects in financial, public security, military, telecommunications, transport, electricity, education, water conservancy industries, etc

The Hikvision iVMS4200 software can be downloaded directly from Hikvision Global website.

Please click on the LINK to direct you to the download location.

Download the latest iVMS-4200 Client for Windows or Mac

To get started on your Windows PC or Mac, click here to open the Client Software download page as shown below.

On the Hikvision Client Software page shown above, click on the latest version available or Hikvision iVMS-4200 v2.7.2.4 (Windows)(English) (NEW!) then scroll down down through the change log until you see the download button (as shown below) and click on it. Once the General Terms of Use agreement appears, click on Agree with these Terms and your download will begin. Once the download begins progressing, please be patient!

Installing iVMS-4200 Client for Windows

Double-click on the downloaded .exe file to begin installation

When the User Access Control window appears and you are asked Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device? Click Yes and complete the installation as follows:

On the Welcome to the Installation Shield Wizard page, Click Next >

On the License Agreement page, click (O) I accept the terms of the license agreement then click Next >

On the Select Features page, leave Client checked and click Next >

On the Ready to Install the Program page, click Install

Installation Begins Copying files

Note: Depending on the speed of your computer, this may take between 2 and 10 minutes to copy all files needed.

Once Copying files Completes

On the Setup Type page, leave the Create Desktop for Client checked (so you will have an icon on your desktop) and click Next >

On the Instal lShield Wizard Complete page, click Finish

Congratulations! You have successfully installed Hikvision iVMS-4200

You may now proceed to configure the client. Check out:

The process of exporting and downloading CCTV video footage and recordings from Hikvision’s iVMS4200 is very simple.
Follow the steps below;

Download Video Footage by Date

During playback, you can download the video footage of the camera and save in the local PC.
  1. Enter Remote Playback page and select a camera to start playback.
  2. Right click on the image and click Download.
  3. Set the start and end time of the video footage to download.
  4. Enter a name for the video footage.
  5. Click OK to start downloading the video footage to the local PC.

Download for Multiple Cameras

During the playback of multiple cameras, you can download the video files of multiple cameras by date simultaneously.
  1. Enter Remote Playback page and select multiple cameras to start playback
  2. Click  to open the Download for Multiple Cameras window. All the cameras in playback will be displayed.
  3. Select the cameras from which you want to download video files
  4. Set the start time and end time of video duration for each camera.
  5. Optional: Check Download Player to download the player.
  6. Click Download to start downloading the video files of the configured duration(s) to the local PC. The progress bar shows the downloading process of each camera’s video files.
  7. Optional: Click Stop to stop downloading manually.

Please click on the link below to download the Hikvision iVMS4200 User Manual.

Hikvision iVMS4200 User Manual – How to Guide – Rock Security

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