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Bosch 6000 Alarm Kit 4 detectors IP Module Buy Online Rock Security

Bosch 6000 Alarm System – Help Guide, Tips & Tricks

The Bosch 6000 alarm system is a true Australian classic. Both designed and manufactured in Australia, it is built around our requirements and environment.

The Bosch Solution 6000 Alarm system can provide 144 hard wired or 144 Wireless alarm zones with expansion modules. The alarm panel by itself can have a mixture of 16 radio ” requires wireless receiver module to enable” or wired zones. Examples of alarm devices are movement detectors, reed switches and smoke detectors.

The Solution 6000 has eight programmable areas and a stay area programmed for home or business after hours invasion protection. Meaning it can have a stay area with devices reed switches etc. that will go into alarm if opened while it’s after hours. Programmable areas mean you can partition the alarm system example: You have a keypad in your in the businesses front office to arm and disarm the office area and a code pad in the warehouse to arm and disarm that area separately. Or with programming you can operate both areas from the one keypad so one area can be armed while the other is disarmed and vice versa.

Built in Access Control

One of the main benefits of The Bosch Solution 6000 can is the ability for access control functionality with in the one system. It supports fingerprint and access card readers. The Bosch Solution 6000 panel supports 16 doors, along with the alarm system inclusions which is a major benefit for a small-to-medium business environment.

Security Specialists providing advice & expertise on the entire Bosch range.

With offices based on the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sydney & Melbourne with delivery throughout Australia, give Rock Security a call today about the Bosch security & access control range. Alternatively browse our Online Security Store and view the entire Bosch Range. All of our products are backed by a 3 year guarantee as well as delivery throughout Australia and New Zealand.


Bosch Solution 6000 Alarm Kit

$660.00 inc GST



If your alarm system is a Bosch 6000 or Bosch 3000, this is fully compatible with the NBN. What this means is that you can get an ethernet/IP module which connects and notifies you via an app. If it isn’t we will recommend you add a GSM / GPRS module to your system which uses a sim card instead of the phone line.

Turning An Area All On

Use this function to turn an area All On. The Solution control panel is factory default only for one area. As soon as you turn an area on, exit time will start. Exit time allows you to exit the premises without sounding an alarm. Your security company programs the length of exit delay time.

1. Make sure that all zones are normal (not faulted).

2. Enter your PIN, then press the [ON] key.

If your PIN is valid and if all zones are normal, exit delay time will start. You should leave now. If your Solution control panel detects a faulted zone, you should return it to normal, or bypass the zone.
During exit delay, you may stop the area from turning on by entering your PIN followed by the [OFF] key.

3. To turn the system (or area) off, enter your PIN, then press [OFF].


Turning The System Off

When the system is on, you must enter through a designated entry door to prevent an alarm. Opening a designated door (e.g. front door) will start entry time. During entry time, the keypad will emit a pulsing tone “beep” to remind you to turn the system off. To turn the area off, enter your PIN followed by the [OFF] key before the entry delay time expires.

If you enter through the wrong door or fail to turn the system off before the entry delay time expires, you may sound an alarm. If an alarm occurs, silence the alarm (by entering your PIN followed by the [OFF] key) and call your security company to let them know that it is not an emergency situation.

1. Enter your PIN + [OFF] to turn the system (or area) off. The keypad will no longer display the ‘Lock’ or ‘Part’ icons.

Silencing Alarms

When the Solution control panel has registered an alarm, the keypad (s) and sirens will sound to alert personnel that an alarm occurred. The keypad will scroll all alarms on the keypad display for visual feedback. If you enter your PIN before the system dials your security company, the alarm report is cancelled (if programmed).

1. Enter your PIN + [OFF] to silence any alarm and turn the system off.

The keypad will continue to scroll all alarm events that caused the alarm. This is called alarm memory.

2. To clear alarm memory, turn the area on and off again (eg. PIN + [ON] + PIN + [OFF]).

Automatic Arming

Your system may have been programmed to automatically arm itself at a certain time of the day.

If for some reason you are still in the building when the auto arming is taking place then it is possible to extend or delay the auto-on time (automatic arming time) by one hour simply by entering your PIN during the auto-on pre-alert time. The auto-on pre-alert time sounds the keypad buzzer to warn you that the system will automatically turn All On, Part On or Part 2 On.

DTMF Quick Arm

If you forget to arm your system it may be possible for you to remotely arm it using a touch tone telephone if the remote arm option has been enabled by your installer.
To arm the system call the number which the panel is connected to and when the panel answer you will here 3 beeps in accending frequency if the panel is in the disarmed condition. Press [0] + [#] to arm. You will hear 3 beeps in decending order when the panel arms.

All areas on the system will be armed regardless of there condition when using the DTMF quick arm function.

Turn Area On/Off – MENU 2-0-1

This menu allows you to turn an area All On or off.

1. Enter [MENU] + [2] + [0] + [1].

A list of different areas will display on the keypad.

  A001 Reception Area                    
A002 Sales Dept ✓
A003 Administration Dept
 Press ▲▼ OK or MENU

If an area has already been turned All On or Part On, a ‘tick’ (✓) will be displayed on the right side of the name description (see A002 Sales Dept above).

2. Use the [↑] and [↓] keys to select the area that you want to turn on or off, then press [OK] to select. Alternatively, you can enter the area number you want to turn on or off, then press [OK].

Turn All Areas On – MENU 2-0-2

This menu allows you to turn on all areas that your PIN has been assigned to at the same time All On. The keypad display below shows the area icons 1 through to 8.

1. Enter [MENU] + [2] + [0] + [2].

The keypad will display the exit time bar to prompt you to exit all areas. You should leave all areas now.

When exit time has expired, the keypad will display that all areas are turned All On (Armed).

Note: Area icons will only display if programmed to do so by your security installer.

Turn All Areas Off – MENU 2-0-3

This menu allows you to turn off all areas that your PIN has been assigned to at the same time. However, this menu requires at least one area that has a keypad assigned to it to be disarmed before you can access this command.

1. Enter [MENU] + [2] + [0] + [3].

Bypass Zones – Menu 3-0-2

This menu allows you to bypass or un-bypass a single or multiple zones before you turn the area All On, Part On or Part 2 On. When bypassing zones, it disables the ability for a zone to detect intrusion and sound an alarm.

A burglary zone will automatically become un-bypassed when you turn the corresponding area off (disarm). Any 24-Hr fire or 24- Hr non fire zones will need to be manually un-bypassed.

1. Enter [MENU] + [3] + [0] + [2].

A list of zones that can be bypassed will display on the keypad. A ‘✓’ displayed on the right side of the zone name indicates that the zone is already bypassed.

  Z001 Zone 1 Name ✓
Z002 Zone 2 Name
Z003 Zone 3 Name
 Press ▲▼ OK or MENU

2. Use the [↑] and [↓] keys to select the zone that you want to bypass, then press [OK]. Alternatively, you can enter the zone number that you want to bypass, then press [OK].

If the zone is bypassed, the keypad will prompt:

  Zone 1 Name Z001 is
bypassed. To un-bypass,
press OFF.
 Press OK or MENU

If the zone is not bypassed, the keypad will prompt:

  Zone 1 Name Z001 is
un-bypassed. To bypass,
press ON.
 Press OK or MENU

3. Press [ON] or [OFF] to toggle the zone to be bypassed/unbypassed.

4. Press [OK] to save and exit, or press [MENU] to exit without saving.

Repeat steps 1 to 4 to bypass or un-bypass additional zones.

This menu allows you to program/adjust the date and time in the Solution control panel.

1. Press [MENU] + [7] + [1] + [0].

The keypad will display the current date and time.

  Set Date And Time01-Jan-2004     04:37am
 Press ◄►▲▼ OK to Save

2. Use the [↑] and [↓] keys to program the month, day, year, hour and minute. Use [←] and [→] keys to scroll cursor left and right to between the month, day, year, hour and minute.

3. Press [OK] to save and exit, or press [MENU] to exit without saving.

How Large can the Bosch 6000 system be expanded?

Every business is different, and the Solution 6000 can adapt to any requirements. It is capable of providing simple cost effective solutions for mid-sized businesses, yet is powerful enough to handle 144 zones (detection devices), and even up to 16 access doors when fully expanded for large applications.
The Solution 6000 has the ability to cater for up to 256 users, providing a perfect ft for most business users. With programmable authority levels, you determine which functions each staff member can perform: simple operations such as turning the system on and off, or accessing restricted areas. Customised security has
never been so simple.

The benefit of Multiple Arming Methods with the Bosch 6000 system.

The versatility of the Solution 6000 is captured in its ability to provide the right arming option for any business. Up to 256 individual system users have the choice of arming and disarming using a unique PIN code (up to 8 digits long), a wireless remote, proximity card or token, bio-metric fingerprint or by using the Auto Arm function.

The flexibility of the Auto Arm Function enables you to program your system to automatically arm at predefined times. Programmed schedules can also extend to control the locking of gates or turning building lights on and off, providing a complete business solution.

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